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Mirrors Edge Catalyst for PlayStation – Video Game 2018

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Mirrors Edge Catalyst


Mirrors edge catalyst is the action-adventure game which was developed by EA Dice and published by Electronic Arts. This video game can be used on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst Overview

This is basically a faith’s history which is continuity separate from the mirror edge. Despite the modified continuity, the role of the catalyst is to show the characters and factions. Catalyst takes care of safety and security while managing the core-themes of the series freedom and civil liberties.

The central character of the game is Celeste who plays the Exordium prequel comics. Celeste is quite different from faith as it is the member of rival runner cabal. Faith’s parents died in the early stages so a man named Noah-leader of runner cabal brought up the Faith.

In the mirrors edge catalyst original game, the organization, Pirandello Kruger has two companies. These companies are Kruger Holding which is the main firm in Glass and Pirandello Group which is fashion-based.

As faith is the bold runner so throughout the entire history it unveils the secrets of the walls of the city of Glass. He exposes every corner from the highest peaks to the dark tunnels. The players play the game by combining the momentum and managing the time to fight with the opponents.

This game is quite interesting for the players as it gives them the chance to develop new activities as well like dash, environmental puzzles, and missions.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst History

The game was the first broadcast on Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4 and Xbox One in June 2016. The writer of original Mirrors Edge Catalyst is Rhianna Pratchett and Senior Producer is Sara Jenson. The scores of the game were handled by Solar Fields and the original theme song of the game is ‘Warning Call’ by CHVRCHES.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst Features

  • It has been the greatest victim of the bloated expectations in contemporary gaming.
  • This game offers the 60fps update. The upgrade is smoother and manages a fast controller response.
  • The game offers the best performance improvement over the beta. While playing the game on Play Station 4 offers good management, Xbox one shows some complication with 60 fps while playing long stretches of the game.
  • The functioning of the game is somewhat light on the PS4 while Xbox one offers a quite flawless play on it.
  • Some situation like Elysium Labs decreases the frame rate to about 40 fps and then the engine has to make effort for the streaming of the data. However, the instability levels generally not last more than a second.
  • Mirror’s edge catalyst serves as both prequel and a reboot by using the Unreal engine 3 for Frostbite 3 of DICE.
  • The recent beta developments have ensured the use of a new engine that offers very unique visual experience on screen as compared to the old ones.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst

How to Download the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst?

You can download the Mirror’s edge catalyst totally free of cost on the PC. All you have to do is to check system requirement that either they’re compatible for your PC or not. You can download the games from the Gog games on Google from the play store of OS. The size of the game is 5.56 GB and be ensure to have µTorrent before the installation.

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