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MOHO PRO 12 is an animation software, released by Smith Micro Software, Inc. It is the revised version of Anime Studio Pro 11. Professionals and digital artists consider Moho Pro great software for their working environment. It provides a more proficient and economical substitution to traditional animation. Advanced animation tools in this software make workflow efficient and speedy for digital artists.

It presents the most powerful 2D rigging system. Users can combine this with traditional animation tools, to obtain accurate results easily and quickly. It consists of the latest 2D animation effects and features such as Bezier Handles, Smart Bones and bitmap to vector conversion. It also provides an interactive interface, editable motion graphs and visual content library for the user. Using this software, you can create animated movies, music videos, Game Content, GIF creation, and cartoons. This software is used for the productions of RWBY (Rooster Teeth’s anime-style adventure series) and Song of the Sea (animated fantasy film).

How do Moho Pro 12 works?

Moho Pro 12 can be installed on Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 and macOS 10. It is used for a 64-bit environment. User has the option of selecting online and offline activation. You may use the product without activation, for seven-day from the date your license key is issued. Moho will have to be refreshed every 45 days for online activation. This refresh automatically updates, if connected with the internet. If you selected an offline (“manual”) activation, Moho will require activation refresh every 180 days. Assure a seven-day grace period, to refresh this manual.

Key Features of Moho Pro 12

Following are the topmost features of Moho Pro:

  • Bone Rigging

It allows you to replace Tiresome frame-by-frame animations using Bone rigging. It also allows to insert skeleton to any image easily, by using a simple point and your project can be organized with the sequencer and timeline in Moho Pro.

  • Bezier Handles

With Bezier Handles you can get more design control with customizable vector Bezier handles. You can create unique line bends with fewer points.

  • Smart Warp

With the help of Smart Warp Create custom meshes that can bend, shape, and twist and animate assets. Smart Warp works for both images and vectors.

  • Animate Multiple Layers at the Same Time

It gives the option of editing multiple layers on the timeline in. This facilitates users not to jump back and forth between layers for complex tasks.

  • Enhanced Freehand Drawing Tools

Enormously improved Freehand tools to provide more accurate results. Freehand Tools give a chance to produce fewer points and better lines as well.

  • Pin Bones

You can add one point bones to alter move and reshape assets in fun new ways. This Works for both images and vectors.

  • Realistic Motion Blur

Moho Pro 12 has realistic Motion Blur to control the number of frames and blend. You can apply to any moving asset for instant results.

  • Editable Motion Graphs

You can achieve maximum control of your animations using this tool.
Moho Pro 12 provides powerful Timeline features, physics, integrated lip-synching and motion tracking.


How to use Moho Pro 12

Moho has numerous groups of tools, used for different types of tasks. With the help of some tools, you can create new objects, and with some others, you can modify and animate existing objects. The basic tool groups of Moho are Draw, Fill, Bone, Layer, Camera, and Workspace

To launch Moho, double-click the Moho icon, or select the Moho shortcut in the Start menu (Windows). When you create a new Moho project, your first application interface will be like this

To create a new project, choose File > New option, and then click the current tool icon (just beneath the File menu.
That’s all, if you are looking for a professional tool for creating and editing the 2D animations and cartoon then our recommendation is Moho Pro 12.

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