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NetLimiter 4

If you want to monitor the internet traffic rate and want to get control of your internet connection, then NetLimiter 4 can be a good option. It is the software that helps you to provide full control of the internet connection. Moreover, it assists you with the amount of bandwidth that is allowed to use. If you need this network controlling software and want to avail of the premium version, then you must download it. NetLimiter 4 has easy to use interface that you can easily understand. There is no need to take specific tutorials. Once you download it, you can easily learn its features and keep a check on your internet connection.

To utilize the premium feature of this software, download the NetLimiter 4 keygen that is reliable and will not hurt other programs in your system.

What is NetLimiter?

NetLimiter is the traffic control tool that monitors the rate of download and upload rate. Moreover, it features statistical internet tools that help in real-time traffic. It keeps checking on internet traffic statistics. Another incredible feature associated with this app is that it blocks the connection which is not secured. In this way, you can establish a connection with the source that is safe and does not contain malicious content.

How Does NetLimiter 4 work?

When you download the NetLimiter 4, you open the interface. In the menu, you have to set the exact download and upload speed for particular applications. In this way, one gets the specific bandwidth that the user needs. It works by using the three basic tools that are limits, priorities, and blockers. Through these, you can set the speed limit, prioritize your application, and block those that you don’t want to allow. Thus, it is an incredible system that provides you secure internet connection with appropriate speed.

How to use the NetLimiter?

It is a real-time monitoring tool that is very easy to use. In the menu bar, you will find the current transfer speed option with the name DL Rate and UL Rate. In these options, you can set speed for the filter, applications, and connections.

Furthermore, to get information about the statistics, you will find the stats tool to view different data related to internet connection speed, bandwidth, and transfer rate.

Download the NetLimiter 4 and see how it benefits you in providing secure internet connection.

NetLimiter 4

Features and benefits

The key features that NetLimiter 4 offers you are

  • Connection blocking tools
  • Internet traffic monitoring
  • Data transfer Quotas
  • Tracking of statistical data
  • Priorities
  • File editor
  • Create your own filters by using the filter tool
  • Speed limiting tools

How to Apply the crack?

Are you interested in using this app? Want to utilize all features? Then download the NetLimiter 4 crack free of cost. It is a 100% reliable source that will not interfere with your computer and allow you safe browsing. It is free. To get the crack version of the NetLimiter check out the procedure below

Initial setup

Before you start downloading the crack for this software, first fulfill the system requirements. These are
NetLimiter 4 requires any computer with Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, Windows 10 or newer Windows systems installed.

It is important to have administrative privilege before you start using the software. After checking out the system requirement, you have to follow the steps given below

  1. Click on download to get the setup
  2. Now open the folder to extract the files
  3. Now copy the serial key and paste on the box
  4. Proceed to complete other steps
  5. Done

Now you have installed the complete version of the NetLimiter, and it supports all features that you need to make the secure network connection. Get the desired speed of the internet and keep a check on downloading/ uploading files. Utilize real-time monitoring and check the statistics by using the stat tool

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