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Brutus Password Cracker – Windows Server 2003

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Brutus Password Cracker


Brutus password cracker is one of the fastest and most flexible remotes which you can control it with your hands. It is free to download. It is available ion variety of windows. Brutus password cracker is continuing to develop and will be available shortly. It is one of the most flexible remotes to crack the password.

Features Set

  1. It can help to resume position, and manipulates the user and password list generation.
  2. This will not demand any single or multi usernames.
  3. It easily downloaded from every site.
  4. SMB and Telnet are the main features of Brutus password cracker.
  5. Http
  6. Pop3
  7. FTP

Brutus Password Cracker Advantages

The most excellent advantages of Brutus password cracker is that it can give us the chance of finding the password which is very high since to see the possible answers. Brutus password cracker does not require a lot of work to set up or initiate. The Brutus password cracker is very intensive in hardware. Brute password cracker will take a lot of power and also try to attack possible answers. It can attack some security measures. Brute password cracker will take time to crack the code by a considerable margin.

For Which Purpose Brutus Password Cracker Used

Brutus password cracking is a process which is used to recover password from data which already stored in a system. It is used to try the guesses of a password which repeated many times, and it can also play a vital role against a hash of the password which is available in this password crack.

Purpose Of Using It?

The purpose of Brutus password cracker is to recover a forgotten password and causes preventive measures against the security risks and to check the crack able passwords easily.

How we Crack the Brutus password

Many people from us want to hack someone password or account from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, and many other accounts. For this type of persons, Brutus password cracker is available, and most of the exciting offer for all is that this is free of cost. The following are the steps to hack someone account

  • Dictionary
  • Rainbow Table
  • Brute Force
  • Hybrid
  • Commonly used password
  • Password cracking strategy
  • Password cracking software
  • Oph crack and Lopht crack
  • Cain and Abel
  • THC Hydra
  • Brutus and Air crack- Ng

Password Cracking Strategy

Many beginners at the start of cracking passwords they use a simple tool and turn them loose. They are not all able to hack all the passwords. They develop a password cracking strategy which is used to multiple iterations, and they use different techniques for hacking by utilizing the password cracking hardware.


The last lines of every article are essential as like this. Brutus password cracker is very easy to use and free of cost. It easily downloaded from every site without any difficulty. Many strategies started for hacking which discussed in the above article.

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