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Creating a Website with Bootstrap Studio Tutorial .?

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How to creating a Website with Bootstrap Studio Tutorial.?

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Bootstrap is the most advanced desktop application which helps the designers for the designing and prototyping of websites. It is the platform which has a large number of built-in components. These built-in components gather in one place to assemble beautiful web pages. Today we are going to discuss the bootstrap Studio tutorial that guides you to create a real website with the Bootstrap studio.

The benefit of creating the website with the Bootstrap Studio is that you can get neat and versatile options according to the demand of his customers. It is a responsible framework that exports the coding of HTML.

Tutorial in Steps…

For the layout, we’ll follow the procedure correctly.

The first step is to make a new blank design. Click the create button. Select some eye-catching pictures for the logo. Choose the images from the desktop and import them with dragging dropping. Open the text document to have it ready for later. This text box contains the information like pricing, availability as the top line. Open the HTML panel and see all the coding below.

Edit the brand name where the brand is written and change it with the name of the business like school, oil filter, etc. Select the nave option on the right part of nave bar and choose to align it right. Select the like button and edit all the same headings according to the need of a client.

For creating a promo section that features the client options drag and drops the overview panel inside the dive. The CB HTML is ready and to add some more ideas go to the div section. Choose the create button and change the coding by combining the names of your need. Select the pixels of panel anyhow 40 pixels seems to be best.

Select the background image and add the name of the image file on the desktop as the coding of the image.     You can do changes in the image features. To more evaluate add some coding according to your features like semi-transparent.

Bootstrap studio Tutorial

Open the browser and resize the window. Create another block of CSS code to show the small screen sizes by selecting the media query. To add the introduction, select another div, Choose the title and a text paragraph option to write. Choose the simple button so that all the text will be shown.

Delete all the extra rows that don’t belong to you and choose the fonts. To create the block four by providing ID to CSS block. Merge the columns, select the headings, select paragraphs and edit all features.

To make the logo drag and drop the logo picture before the heading and create logo ID. Drag the intro column down the page and add the thumbnail component. Make all the links of the image to back.

Add the footer to the bottom of the page. Add three or more columns of the footer, change the heading names, change the paragraph and write the links.  To show the photos in beautiful light box gallery copy the JavaScript file to the CSS column and preview the images.

In the last check, all the things and you’ll be amazed to see the CSS coding section. Here the website by the bootstrap studio is ready.


Bootstrap is one of the powerful tools to design the website in simple and easy steps. Designing website by bootstrap saves your time and money.

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