Navicat Postgresql

Navicat PostgreSQL v12.1.4 – Database Management & Development Tool

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Navicat Postgresql

Navicat Postgresql is the graphical tool that helps to design the complex databases. The users have to write the SQL queries for the creation of the database. The basic purpose of Navicat is to entertain all users from beginners to experts.

The advanced features of Navicat are offering many improvements in the database. The newly developed interface helps you to build, maintain and modify database according to your preferences. However, it helps to do all your tasks faster than before and it delivers information very quick for your tasks.

For using it we connect it to the local database server so we can get the improved efficiency of the overall database. We make it compatible with the cloud databases like Amazon Redshift, Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, and other newly developed PostgreSQL database objects.

Key Features of Navicat PostgreSQL:

Navicat for PostgreSQL is quite unique from other SQL developing databases and the reason is that it has more advanced features. Below you will find the key some of the key features of Navicat PostgreSQL in more details.

  • Accessibility of license on multi-Platforms

When you operate the Navicat on any of OS either Windows, macOS and Linux it enables you to activate the license on it. Later on, you can transfer your license.

  • Transferring of Data

It provides you a detailed step by step transferring of data across the database. It enables to compare and synchronization of data with the data synchronization and structure synchronization features. Also, you can transfer a large number of data within seconds.

  • Simple and Easy to use

Visual SQL builder helps you to create, edit and run the SQL code without any syntax or simple commands. Code Snippet avoids all the repetition and guides you with the keywords. Also, it locates the errors, helps you to change them, correct all the system requirements and errors through debugging components.

Navicat Postgresql

  • Entertain Different Formats

It uses the Import Wizard to transfer the data like tables, views or query results to different formats like Excel, Access, CVS and more. Also, you can also delete the records by using the data editing tools.

  • Graphical Representations and Modeling

It offers a variety of features to the database like by using the database designer you can convert the database to graphical representations. Also, you can create the model of a complex database through the modeling tool. These all tools are very simple and easy to use.

  • Security

Navicat facilitates the users with SSH tunneling and SSL which gives the security to your data. It gives the advanced authentication mechanisms and highly secured environments that ensure the high performance of the work.

  • Navicat Cloud services

The Navicat Cloud services give you the real-time access to other coworkers so you can contact them easily and exchange your data. However, you can get a maximum connection by modifying the connection settings, model queries, and virtual groups.

  • Maximum Productivity

The backup or restore solution helps you to develop the standardized reports within minutes. It sets up automation for the report generation, database backup and script execution at a specific time or day.

Navicat is accessible on the 14 days’ free trial so you can get a better understanding of the designing.

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