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Windows 7 ultimate is undeniably a matchless edition of Windows 7 series. While being a quite versatile, powerful, and flexible version, it serves both home users and professionals in an exceptional way. Moreover, the latest features that are introduced brilliantly in windows 7 ultimate make it a unique edition among its neighboring versions.  Most importantly, the stability of this specific operating system allows it to utilize every bit of potential of your computer. So why to refrain from windows 7 ultimate 64 bit kickass. Here we will tell you how to download windows 7 in an ISO file for 64-bit installation.


·        Homegroup:

Relieves you from the headache of sharing files and printers on a network.

·        Jump lists:

Allows a speedy drive to your preferred songs, documents, and websites.

·        Snap:

Helps you to resize and compare windows on your desktop in a quicker way.

·        Windows search:

Aids in finding almost everything on your pc, immediately.

·        Windows taskbar:

Furnished with improved thumbnail previews and icons along with more ways to customize.

·        Full 64-bit support:

Windows 7 ultimate has come up with competent 64-bit PCs

·        Windows XP mode:

You can also conveniently operate older Windows XP business software on the desktop of windows 7.

·        More personal:

Serves its users with thrilling new themes or handy gadgets that embellish the desktop in an aesthetic way.

·        Performance improvements:

Sleeps and resumes rapidly. Furthermore, requires less memory and detects USB device in a shorter run.

·        Aero desktop experience:

Manages your desktop by mixing trendy graphics through significant ways.

·        Bit Locker drive encryption:

Encrypts the whole data and therefore secures the documents.

·        Windows defender:

Practically and priorly safeguards against spyware and unwanted software.

·        Windows firewall:

Prevents entry of meddlers such as hackers or malicious software.

·        Language packs:

This well renowned operating system can easily switch between 35 display languages.


HOW TO DO windows 7 ultimate 64 bit kickass:

Steps to follow while carrying out windows 7 ultimate 64 bit kickass:

  • Firstly, insert windows 7 DVD into DVD and restart your PC.
  • As the DVD content will be read, you will perceive a black window.
  • Windows7 has not come up with a noticeable text phase of the setup process. Rather it will boot straightly into Graphical User Interface (GUI) mode.
  • Shortly, the first prompt will appear on the screen. Click on the “install now”.
  • Then accept the license terms, and click over ‘next’.
  • Next, click on the custom (advanced) button which exhibits the installation type, you want to opt for.
  • Moving ahead, you will be required to pick the installation partition. However, if you don’t wish to lay down a specific partition to install windows on, press next to initiate installation.

            Installation starts:

  • The setup process will now start to transfer files from the installation DVD to the hard disk.
  • Procedure time significantly depends upon the kind of hardware. Moreover, the computer will restart and a prompt requiring user’s and computer’s name will appear. Then, click on ‘next’.
  • Now, write down the user’s password which must be complex comprising of 7 characters or more. Most importantly, don’t dare to forget the password as this could lead to a great mess. However, after entering the password hint also, click on ‘next’.
  • Now is the time to enter your product key. So, write down your product key and click on ‘next’.
  • Opt for either 32-bit or 64-bit version in order to download. Furthermore, you will find download links for both.
  • Then, select the kind of protection you want for your computer and move forward.
  • Set your time zone and location and press ‘next’.
  • Choose your network location type and click ‘next’.
  • Lastly, the windows will finish the settings and finally, your desktop will appear.

System requirements:

•              Installed memory (RAM):

Minimal memory demand is 1 GB of RAM.

•              Free hard disc space:

Installation requires free space of 4 GB.

•              CPU:

Either 1GHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD processor single core must be available.


Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit is a highly reliable OS for your desktop. In addition, the ISO image file is an ideal way to install windows rather than getting tangled in complicated installation issues. So opting for windows 7 ultimate 64 bit kickass to promote your technical working is not a big deal.

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