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Vector Game Download

In this time and age playing a video game is no big deal. If we think about the heavy and superior graphics games which are only available on the PC and specialized gaming consoles; then we will take the gaming world to a completely different league. Putting them aside, the games left are the games available on our smartphones now a days. Thousands on intriguing and addictive games are just a single click being away from downloading. After that they become a part of our daily lives. These mini games are in no way mini as they contain good graphics, great story line and an unbelievable game attraction that keeps the player glued with their mobile screens for hours. Vector Game Download is one of the example of these.

Among the uncountable games out there, the one with the name of Vector is much popular on smart phones. This wonderful game considered as a most remarkable parkour-inspired action game present on the play store. It is developed by Nekki in 2010. It is an exciting arcade style game in which you are the runner who won’t be held by anything including the system. You will be given the luxuries to run, jump and climb in an urban ninja technique. Although Vector Game Download the game may not be visually much appealing, it is surely a treat for those who love games like agent dash and temple run. It is an impressive game in all aspects but it need to improve its social features. Some game pros might also consider the game play to be repetitive at times.

Vector is available on Android phones, iPhone, iPad and Microsoft Windows.

Game Info

Other information as per play store includes:

 Game last Updated= 22.2016

Game Size= 1Mb

Total Downloads= 100 000–500 000

For ages= 3+ years

Distinctive Features of Vector Game Download:

  • Pure arcade game play brought to you by the makers of hit Facebook games.
  • Totally life-like Parkour inspired moves
  • All moves are made possible due to high class Cascade animation tools.
  • 20 levels to keep the player challenged.
  • Easy to learn; challenging to master.

Vector Game Download

More about Vector Game Download APK

Vector crack-MOD unlimited money is the great escape for point gainers in the game. It presents to you an excellent arcade simulator on android in which you will play for the proctor that you want to run as fast on building roofs and not fall into the enemies’ hands. All the rest of the world is painted by hand. Along with some of the boring story parts, Vector mad for a really good game. Although, In vector crack, we will carry dizzying jumps, slide along the walls of houses, and of course, also perform a variety of tricks and feints. In the course of the passage will be available new tricks that we will be able to buy for points. This will include the Vector full mode APK and where the tension of being defeated finishes , it allows you to control the whole game.

It has nice clean graphics and isn’t as easy to play as its competitors are. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that that it is complicated and requires brain bending a lot.Maybe this is one reason that it did not get as popular as Temple Run as gamer opted for the simple and easy one over the uniquely difficult and challenging one.

Vector Game Download reviews

The game has garnered great positive reviews from both game critics and the masses alike. It has a 4.4/5 on the Google play store.

Also below are some other reviews as well

Gamezebo= 4/5

Pocket Gamer= 8/10

GameSpot= 7/10

Metacrirtic= 84%

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