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Finally! Download Working The Truth Spy Crack Gold v7.38 [Android + iOS]

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The Truth Spy crack

Here I have shared crack to a software that our previous generations were afraid of. This dangerous software is a spying tool and here you can download it for free with The Truth Spy Crack. Nothing in this world is a secret anymore as the era of technology has taken over. One apparent example of privacy invasion is The Truth Spy v7.38. This one software allows you to keep track of other’s every move and activity. Moreover, it gives you a full view of their inside personality which was never supposed to be revealed. I have here got The Truth Spy Crack and setup of its latest Gold version. In this article, I have shared every detail and purpose of this software with TheTruthSpy license key crack that allows you to use it for free.

How Does The Truth Spy Works?

You have to install this software on a mobile whether it is an android or iPhone. It will track every move of that mobile owner and then bring it to you so it will be installed on the mobile of your target. The Truth Spy crack installed software is not just for negative purposes as one may get the idea from its name. This software gives you hold of your property. There are three types of people who use The Truth Spy crack and want the truth spy gold free.

  1. Parents, for safety and control of their kids.
  2. Employers, to monitor their employees’ activities on the device of a company.
  3. Partners, if they have doubt that their spouse is cheating on them.

You first need TheTruthSpy License Key crack before you can utilize it. It will allow you to use the Gold edition of this tool for the lifetime without any subscription or payment. If you don’t like to use cracks then you will have to pay $30.99 every month to use The Truth Spy Gold Edition with full features.

Top 6 Features of The Truth Spy

The Truth Spy v7.38 Gold Edition is the best of all editions and versions of this software. It literally gives you information about every activity performed on the target’s mobile. You can gain access to all these features free of cost with The Truth Spy Crack.

Online Control Panel:

You will have to make an online account on the website of The Truth Spy. You can login there anytime and monitor the devices where you have installed The Truth Spy Crack.

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Ambient Listening:

The Truth Spy Crack used version allows you to listen to surroundings of the mobile anytime you want. You can listen what and who the target talks to.

Live Tracking:

You can track live location of the target through the online portal. You can see where the target is and where he/she is going.

Live Call Recording:

This feature of The Truth Spy Crack applied setup allows you listen to live calls or record them all to listen later when you are free.

Access All Data on the Device:

You can also gain access to every data and app that is on the mobile with The Truth Spy Gold Edition v7.31. You can see complete history of mobile and internet, see all messages, apps, call records, images, videos and literally everything in the device.

Control the Device:

You can also perform actions from the device of the target. As dangerous as it may sound, it is true. You can send messages, make a call, install or uninstall an app and many other things.

The Truth Spy crack

The Truth Spy crack – An interesting free tool

The truth spy crack is software that helps you hide all the information from cellphone carriers (and, in some cases, hackers). This software aims at individuals concerned about privacy and/or who want to remain anonymous when communicating using social media services. The program works by encrypting all text and voice conversations on your device—making it virtually impossible for someone to listen in on your conversations without a particular device or key.

The Truth Spy is a portable, pre-loaded Android app that hides the operating system, apps, settings, pictures, and other information displayed on the device. This allows one to carry out specific tasks without having their phone occupied by showing them something they don’t want. Using The Truth Spy, one can perform basic tasks like sending SMS without even being detected. As if they have received a text message from the other party. Or it is opening an app without giving away the fact that they have been surfing the web.

What’s New in The Truth Spy crack?

  • A microphone allows you to effortlessly listen to your surroundings.
  • All calls can record and listen to.
  • The truth spy crack features a sophisticated GPS location tracking tool.
  • It is simple to record the application.

In addition, The truth spy crack works by breaking the encryption of your data and allowing you to read and usually write without needing an original copy of the data. As a result, you will not have any problem trusting and getting precisely what you need in any business. But it could also be government agencies who don’t care about privacy or disclosing their identity.

How to Use The Truth Spy?

It all starts with creating an account on the official website of The Truth Spy. You have to register yourself then download the trial version that works for only 48 hours once installed on a device. With The Truth Spy crack, however, you can use it for the lifetime.

  1. Download The Truth Spy crack installed gold edition version 7.31 from the link after you have registered and downloaded the trial version.
  2. Start the truth spy crack setup that was downloaded from our website.
  3. Go to ‘options’ then ‘licensing’ and enter the same login information that you used when registering.
  4. The setup you download from our website is already cracked and, hence, doesn’t require any of the Truth Spy crack code.
  5. You can now use this cracked setup and then monitor it from the online portal where you registered.
  6. That’s all. We recommend that you don’t use it for illegal purposes.


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