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Sparkol VideoScribe

PowerPoint is a favorite tool that has been using by the students, teachers and in business meetings for the presentations. By the passage of time, it becomes inevitable to go with the flow of innovations. Novelty always brings comfort and advancement, and there is nothing wrong in applying them to your tasks for delivering the best results. Similarly, sparkol videoscribe is a tool that successfully replaces the old tactics of presentation, let us dig deeper about Sparkol VideoScribe more.

About Sparkol VideoScribe – What is it?

Sparkol VideoScribe also named as Whiteboard animation; it brings an innovative and lively system of story-telling that reproduces a ‘still motion capture style, Sparkol has created this useful software that lets you make your presentations impressive by creating the style of animated videos without any hassle.

What does Sparkol VideoScribe do?

Sparkol videoscribe allows you to add your relevant text and you select your desired color + style of canvas, for the images there is a whole gallery of Sparkol from which you can choose your model, if you are interested in adding your image, logo or photo then you can do so. You move the canvas to run the presentations; there is no use of sliders.

Key Features of Sparkol VideoScribe:

  • Allows to add a voice-over to your presentation made by Sparkol VideoScribe.
  • You can add songs.
  • You can opt for your preferred size.
  • Opt to choose for how long the drawing should take.
  • You can replace the default drawing a hand that brings the presentation by importing your own.
  • You can bring presentation videos that will be live, interesting and appealing and that will be fully customization.

Sparkol VideoScribe

Benefits of Using Sparkol VideoScribe

Sparkol videoscribe loaded with great benefits, let’s take a quick look at how beneficial it is for you:

  1. Sparkol videoscribe is engaging and is capable of escalating learning by fifteen percent.
  2. It makes your presentation remarkable one with the perfect blend of visual animations+ spoken words+ sounds.
  3. Sparkol Videoscribe is capable of conveying a message in an appealing way to the time-poor listeners and viewers.
  4. It efficiently explains the problematic subjects and notions and makes them simple to understand to students, customers, etc.

Does it work?

Yes, Sparkol videoscribe works efficiently, it promises to provide your brand such persona that viewers would love to get attracted towards it and that is how it can hike up the sale of your brand. With the excellent feature of visual story-telling of Sparkol videoscribe, you get to turn the browsers into buyers.

How to use Sparkol VideoScribe?

Sparkol videoscribe astoundingly comes with a handy tool of editor. You can break it into a central canvas area along with a timeline, on the top there will be a toolbar.

You will be able to add text, chart content, an image by using a toolbar, and you are free to add voice over clips+ audio. After you finish all this, you are free to upload your work on YouTube/Facebook.

So, in short, the utility and convenience of Sparkol VideoScribe do not contain a grain of doubt. It makes the dull and drab presentation a lively and engaging one. This particular style has another name, and that is “explained” video, and its popularity is now on a constant rise.

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