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Download ProgTV Android & ProgDVB Professional

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Download ProgTV Android & ProgDVB Professional Crack for Widows and Android

ProgTV Android

We have here shared a tested and verified download of rarely found ProgTV Android and ProgDVB Professional Crack. It is shared at the end of this page for Windows and Android operating systems. You can avail this download free of cost. I don’t think there is anyone on Earth that don’t watch TV except the Amazonians. Computer users usually hang between the choice of watching TV or using the internet. The perfect solution to this confusion was brought by the ProgDVB. They said why not do both at the same time. A good software was required to do it so they presented ProgTV and ProgDVB for the whole world.

What are ProgTV Android and ProgDVB Professional?

ProgTV Android and ProgDVB Professional basically perform the same task, however, there is a little difference in their functionalities. This software allows us to watch TV on our computer or laptop. You must have internet connection for it to work. It has a lot more features and plugins in addition to just TV channels.

ProgTV has fewer functions than ProgDVB crack and it is controlled using a remote. On the other hand, ProgDVB is controlled using mouse and keyboard just like any other program in your computer. Its range of features and functionalities make it a lot more fun than watching a normal TV set.

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Why Do We Need ProgDVB Professional Crack?

You can guess by the functions of ProgDVB (follow the link to read it on Wikipedia) and ProgTV Android that it must have taken a lot of effort and resources to develop such software and so it is not offered free by its developers. Its total price is set to $82.50 with all its registers and plugins. Team RealCrackSoft appreciate the effort of developers and first suggest our readers to purchase this software.

On the other hand, we understand that not everyone can afford this price for a TV software. This is why we have brought ProgDVB crack that you can download free of cost on this website. This ProgDVB Pro crack will activate the full professional features of this software and you won’t have to purchase anything.

ProgTV Android

Best Features of ProgDVB:

  1. It supports over 8 thousand channels on Internet TV and radio.
  2. You can watch all these channels in High Definition with H.264/AVC support.
  3. Record programs from TV channels and watch when you are free.
  4. ProgDVB crack also includes support of data sources like Sovok, Kartina, OTT Club, Shura, and Rodina TV.
  5. Moreover, other supported data sources include DVB-S2, DVB-T, ATSC, DVB-T2, ISDB-T, DVB-C (cable), DVB-S (satellite), and IPTV.
  6. You get Mosaic preview, Picture-in-Picture support, and Time-Shifting functionality using the RAM after you have installed ProgDVB Crack.

Windows Requirements for ProgDVB:

  • Any Windows that is released after Windows XP. It also supports XP.
  • MS .NET Framework Version 2.0 or released later.
  • DirectX v.8.0 or any newer version.
  • You must have installed MPEG-2 Video DirectShow codec.
  • Install H.264/AVC codec to watch HD channels.
  • Minimum Pentium IV system.
  • Minimum 512 MB of RAM.
  • At least 50 MB free space in hard disk.
  • 32MB SVGA Video card Adapter.
  • Any compatible sound card.
  • 100 MB network adapter for broadcasting.


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