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jriver media center

Jriver is your dream multimedia software that makes it extremely fun to play and organize media files. JRiver Media Center is the premier audio platform. The all in one entertainment program allows the user get control of his files in a more friendly way than before. Not only as a media player and media manager, jriver media center 23 also has the capability to stream, extract data from CD / DVD / Blu-ray discs (rip), manage media files, burn media to discs, and so on. Plus, JRiver Media Center has the ability to take advantage of a LAN and Internet connections, so you can enjoy your media wherever you are. The set of features that deliver this is called Media Network. This is the one application that you’ll fall in love with, once you start using it.

Jriver Media Centre AUDIO

Be it your demand of audio quality, or your need to fast access to half a million music files, no other software will perform for you like JRiver does. Jriver holds pride due to the fact that its users get to hear the same sounds that are engineered onto the CD during production. The audio features of Jriver aren’t any less of a treat either. Some notable features include:

  • Upmixing
  • Downmixing
  • Bitdepth
  • Speaker control and much more.

Jriver Media Centre VIDEO

Here is some great news for its users. Jriver Media Centre 23 converges its video block from various sources such as Netflix and Hulu into a single seamless interface. Apart from this it also supports television tuners from many manufacturers. Video available in both Blu-ray and DVD also. The Red October system in Jriver makes download, installation and configuration of DirectShow hassle free and user friendly. Some extraordinary video features are as follows:

  • Blu-ray, madVR, LAV, premier audio engine
  • Flexible Configurable views, layout, skins
  • Informed Weather, Engadget, The Onion, Yahoo! News
  • Not only are these, but image support and home theatre options also available.

Since this is a pretty user-friendly GUI application, it will be used by millions. But not everyone is able to pay the large price for it. You can purchase it for $69.98. The trial version doesn’t support all features and after all is for a limited time period. But the quick relief to entertainment lovers’ pain is also provided by us; the Jriver Media Center 23 Crack. This comes as a new breakthrough to transform your PC into an entertainment hub. It supports all popular music and video formats. This crack can view, edit, rotate, compare, delete, etc. Some of its features are:

  1. Video tagging and On-Screen Display metadata
  2. Supports DirectShow DSP filters, and more.
  3. Instinctive correlation of XML channel names
  4. 3D album views (playing, shuffling, etc.)
  5. Remote IR transceivers for controlling
  6. New HID remote control plug-in
  7. Other bug fixes and enhancements.

System Requirements

Computer with reasonable speed
150 MB disk space
800 x 600 display

 Operating Systems

It is available on Windows, Linux and Mac. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Download and Installation of Jriver Media Center:

You can download MC from the Download Page. A newer but possibly less stable version may also be found on our forum, Interact.  Other sites may not be safe. The old version can be re-licensed from the Restore Page, or asking the system to e-mail your licenses to you at a different email address. You can also upgrade from an older version. Be sure that the version of MC matches the license.

Download and install the trial version for any OS first.

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