Facebook Account hacked

Facebook Account hacked want to fix in 5 easy steps with latest Crack tool

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Facebook Account hacked

Facebook is the father of all social networks. Nowadays it has become necessity of everyday use and people of all ages seems to have a Facebook. Actually it is difficult to imagine a day without checking out your news feed and notifications. Facebook has greatly revolutionized the area of socialization and made the entire world a smaller place. Making new friends, spreading out your thoughts and engaging with people are among some of the perks and uses of Facebook. On the other hand, this network has brought with itself some problems that make a user’s life terrible. Cyber bullying and being Facebook Account hacked are top on this list.

Facebook Account Hacked.? How to prevent?

Almost, hackers can easily get your Facebook hacked by any means . Therefore your account and privacy is in the hands of another person and that too without your permission. This can lead to a number of negative consequences. To check whether your Facebook hacked genuinely, Facebook’s security page helps you secure the account quickly. It does so by temporarily locking the account while it can be fixed. Followed by this step, Facebook requires you to change password and strengthen security.

How to Prevention?

Following is the step by step procedure:

  1. Click on the small upside-down icon in the upper right corner of your Facebook homepage, next to your name. Select “Help” from the drop-down list.
  2. Type “hacked” into the search bar and select “My account was compromised, phished, or is sending messages that I didn’t send.” Click the “Visit our Security page” link.
  3. Click on the “My Account Is Hacked” option. Click the blue “My account is hacked” text to display the “secure it here” link, and then click that link. If asked for then enter password, then click the “Continue” button. Once clicked, Facebook locks your account until it’s secured again.
  4. Click “Continue” in the Secure Your Account window. Enter a new password for your account and reconfirm it. Then click “Continue.”
  5. Click “Change password” next to your email address to open your email client. Change the password for this account since it’s connected to Facebook. You need to change to ensure that the hacker didn’t gain access to your email account, since they can use it to access Facebook.
  6. Move back to the Facebook window and click “Continue.” In the Account Verified window, click “Continue” again.
  7. Select a security question, provide an answer in the text box, and click “Submit.” The following window verifies your account information. Confirm that the information is correct and place check marks next to any options you prefer under Turn on Extra Security Features.
  8. Press “Log In” to return to your secured Facebook account.

Facebook Account hacked

Necessary Steps:

Another necessary step which you can take is to increase privacy settings on your photos, posts, and tags. Facebook gives you the freedom to not display every posted photo and post on your wall. It also allows you to review each tag before it can be posted. This will give you more control over what is being shown to your friends and will saved you from a few embarrassing posts. Doing so is a good way to ensure that your items are shown to specific people, and not just your “public” or “friend” list, who could be anyone nowadays. Also be vary of whom you are adding as a friend. It is important that we know whom we are adding on Facebook.

Know How to get Facebook Account Hacked?

In case you yourself are interested to view someone’s Facebook from the inside, then the Facebook hacking tool is for you.  It is very difficult to hack sing advanced computer skills. Also, it is costly to hire a hacker for a Facebook hack.  So this is the best option you can choose. The Facebook hacking tool is available free of cost. It includes simple working process but delivers the best results. It is not only suitable for the Facebook hack but best to monitor someone’s cell phone. Using spyware is an option too.

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